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Farnam Associates, LLC is a New Haven-based consulting firm that works primarily with non-profit organizations, public agencies, and community initiatives designed to have significant social impact.

With over 33 years of consulting experience across numerous New Haven and Connecticut community initiatives, Farnam Associates can help your organization or initiative progress towards goals and advance projects.

We specialize in strategic planning, program development and grant writing, community data systems, and project management. We help you figure out what you need to do to achieve your goals and then undertake the planning, research, documentation, and proposal preparation to get you there.

Our areas of expertise include:

Recent Clients

United Way of Greater New Haven

In 2018, Farnam Associates completed a comprehensive community needs assessment for UNGNH and LULAC to assess the availability of early childhood care in their overlapping service area, inanition to needs and challenges of the population they serve.

New Alliance Foundation

In an effort to increase the sustainability behind their ReaDy for the Grade program, New Alliance Foundation contracted Farnam Assocaites to produce a report titled “Prospects & Considerations for Scaling.” The report identified funding prospects, key relationships and stakeholders to involve, approaches to scaling succesful program models and recomendations to pursue prior to scaling.

Boston Federal Reserve Bank

As the technical assistance provider for the Connecticut Working Cities Challenge, Farnam Associates is responsible for cultivating and providing ongoing support to a learning community comprised of the five cities awarded Working Cities implementation grants.

Literacy Volunteers of Greater New Haven

Farnam Associates recently embarked on a strategic planning process with Literacy Volunteers, organizing focus groups with key stakeholders, helping to identify opportunities for growth, and researching best practices to support the organization’s future success.

Norwich Community Development Corporation

Farnam Associates helped inform and guide the development of Norwich’s 2018 Bond Proposal: Invest in Norwhich, by refining the data and strategies involved and facilaiting design meetings.

Workforce Alliance

Farnam Associates is the One Stop Operator for the South Central Connecticut region. The role is multi-faceted, involving coordination of collaborative intiatives and partner networks, strengthening the customer satisfaction system and identifying opportunities for growth.

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